Luba Mason - "Triangle" Vinyl Autographed
Luba Mason - "Triangle" CD Autographed
Luba Mason - "Triangle" Vinyl
Luba Mason "Triangle" CD

Luba Mason -"Triangle"| Vinyl, CD - Autographed

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Triangle vinyl is a limited edition of just 250 copies. Autographed copies are limited and available while supplies last.

Ms. Mason's 4th solo album titledTRIANGLE (Blue Canoe Records) features a new intimate line-up never recorded before in the jazz world consisting of Luba’s rich vocal mastery, fueled by the legendaryJoe locke on Vibraphone and the brilliantJames genus on Bass recorded LIVE at the historic Power Station and produced byRenato Neto (Prince) and Ms. Mason.Triangle exemplifies the passion for fresh perspectives and unexpected choices that led Mason to trademark the Mixture name. The material is jaw-droppingly diverse: from pop classics by the Beatles and Paul Simon to a Monk standard, a Slovak folk song and a recent Broadway hit, and surely the first time that Brazilian legend Antonio Carlos Jobim and heavy metal band System of a Down have been represented in the same repertoire..

1. Bach, Stevie Wonder & Janelle Monae
2. Haled's Song About Love
3. Ticket To Ride
4. Waters Of March
5. Ceresne
6. In Walked Bud
7. Unforgettable
8. Toxicity
9. Say It
10. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

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