Rubén Blades featuring Carlos Vives - "No Estás Solo: Canción Para Los Enfermos"

Rubén Blades & Carlos Vives -"You Are Not Alone:Song For The Sick"| Digital Download

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Two legends of tropical music launch their first collaboration together and join the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The Panamanian singer, songwriter, actor and activist Rubén Blades joins forces with the Colombian singer, composer and actor Carlos Vives to present the video for his single You are not alone - Song for the sick.”.

“You Are Not Alone - Song For The Sick is authored by the two award-winning artists, who mix their respective genres of salsa and vallenato to perfection, while lifting our spirits through a very personal and direct lyrics: They tell us that you are sick and we come to encourage you, a discomfort is not eternal and less if it is shared. And although the night seems endless, in the end it will go away with the light of day.a…”.

However, this song was not written for the pandemic, as it arose in a recording session that Carlos and Rubén did approximately seven months ago in New York: Carlos kindly invited me to be part of his album, in September 2019. He had a song and I was his guest in it. But I presented the idea of the lyrics for the song to the sick and he agreed. It was recorded before the emergency we are experiencing. It seems like years ago! Says Rubén

Faced with the "Panama Solidario" campaign, the two artists decided that it was time to launch the song and leave a message of union: We are not alone, we will win this battle against the virus; we have to support each other and work together, this will happen.”.

Rubén Blades, who will support the Anoland Díaz Foundation in Panama with the proceeds from this song, reminds his followers of the importance of taking all precautionary measures. He assures that the best way to help in the current situation is: Staying at home, helping each other, covering our mouth and nose when we need to go out. Following the instructions of our administrative and health authorities..

For his part, Carlos Vives comments: This is a song full of love that comes from the heart for our brother Panamanian people. I am very honored to be able to work with the teacher Rubén Blades and to do a bit to contribute to the cause of support for the vulnerable population. In fact, Carlos Vives will allocate the resources derived from the song to the Tras La Perla initiative, which has focused its efforts on meeting the basic needs of the inhabitants of the Pescaíto neighborhood of the city of Santa Marta in Colombia during the emergency caused by the pandemic. It should be noted that both the publication and distribution money will be donated as it is a non-profit activity.o.

It is also worth noting that the money raised by publishing and the distribution percentages will be being transferred because it is a non-profit launch.

With their artistic contribution and their participation in Panamá Solidario, Rubén Blades and Carlos Vives show that music is capable of healing and giving us hope.


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